5 Best WordPress Spin Wheel Plugins for 2021

5 Best WordPress Spin Wheel Plugins for 2021

Have you ever used a wheel Popup on your website? If not, you should give it a try at least once. You may enhance sales by using a lucky wheel for WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. Spin wheel popups capture clients’ attention and push them to instant call-of-action, leading to increased purchases or increased subscriber or build email lists. Discount wheel popup plugins are simple to install on any WordPress website.

Why Should You Use WordPress Spin Wheel Plugins?

The discount wheel popup window, also known as a spinning win, allows websites and e-commerce companies to award visitors with instant winning moments and eventually drive them to their primary goals. It’s possible that your visitors happily share their email addresses or purchased products or services from your store right away.

If you’re looking for the best WordPress spinner plugin to gamify your WordPress website, consider these options:

1# OptinMonster

OptinMonster is one of the best spinning wheel popup plugins and the most powerful lead generation tool in the market. It assists you in growing your email list, generating powerful leads, and increasing your product sales. It is also a GDPR compliant tool.

One of its significant tool’s capabilities is the ability to add spin-a-wheel popups to your WordPress site. You can use it to provide readymade incentives like discounts, gifts, eBooks, and other items. This will allow you to simply enhance conversion rates because people enjoy playing games and winning interesting prizes. You can build your email list by linking the popup form to your email marketing program.

2# WooCommerce Discount Win-Wheel

Discount Win-Wheel is a popular and trusted discount wheel plugin that may help you attract a large number of buyers to your WooCommerce store. You can use this plugin to give discount coupons to your buyers or visitors when they shop from your online store.

This plugin offers a lot of exciting features, such as enhancing visitor engagement on your store and generating more leads, being extremely adjustable, allowing you to simply customize each segment of the discount wheel based on your website design theme and needs you can add further slice as per requirement. It is quite simple to install, and you can use it to send a message to your buyers after winning.

3# OptinSpin

OptinSpin is a fully customized spinning wheel plugin. It enables you to distribute the complete range of coupons and discount vouchers to your buyers. The best part about this optinspin is that your customers can save valid promo codes for future use or use them anytime.

It’s really simple to collect leads with the help of different Optinspin themes. It is compatible with any gender or age; they would enjoy spinning the wheel to try their luck. OptinSpin ingeniously prompts the visitor to enter their email address and helps to generate leads by crowding your email list with the best assortment of emails that you can later utilize to advertise your products.

You may be familiar with WooCommerce Coupons. OptinSpin makes use of the native WooCommerce Coupons ability to boost purchases by engagingly offering discounts. You can easily link the coupons to each slice of the wheel, and customers can use them right away. OptinSpin provides the voucher code to the winner through registered email, so the client can use it whenever they need it.

4# WooCommerce’s Lucky Wheel

WooCommerce’s Lucky Wheel makes it simple to convert the visitor into potential buyers. This WooCommerce plugin allows visitors to spin the wheel of fortune by entering customers’ email addresses.

Once the buyer spins the wheel, they might win prizes like discount vouchers, free delivery, sitewide offers, and so on. Code will be emailed to their listed email address. However, this is the simplest technique to attract potential buyers to your WordPress site. This WooCommerce plugin is available for instant download option from the WordPress plugin directory.

5# Wheelio

Wheelio is another advanced rival in the field of discount wheel popup plugins. Wheelio will go above and above with its exceptional features, including an exit-intent trigger. The pre-existing templates are visually appealing and can be altered.

With Wheelio, you can start designing lucky wheel popups in minutes, owing to its simple platform. Although Wheelio appears to be promising, its pricing and availability make its existence a major issue. Wheelio is exclusively accessible for Shopify stores and is not compatible with WordPress or WooCommerce.

Last Thoughts

Indeed, WordPress Spinning Wheel Plugins are one-of-a-best solutions for improving user experiences and increasing conversion rates using an email list in order to win the discount. The best WordPress Spinning Wheel Plugins unquestionably perform a varied role in improving usability metrics and entertaining clients to earn coupons and discounts. Although different marketing tactics have been used to capture customers’ attention, those plugins can perform with the same ideology and business-friendly prospects to boost your eCommerce business.

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