Advantages of Using the WordPress SEO Plugin Vs the Yoast SEO Plugin

Advantages of Using the WordPress SEO Plugin Vs the Yoast SEO Plugin

A popular SEO plugin helps you optimize your website for the search engines. However, neither Yoast SEO nor Rank Math is exactly the best “jack of all trade” available. There’s more to organic search engine optimization than just the numbers. Beginning with your content, keyword research or the structure of your site.


Both these SEO plugins provide additional tools such as URL rewriting and URL cloaking. These features are not provided by the free software. In addition, both of these tools can sometimes cause severe problems if not used correctly. When used improperly, some of the most common errors include misspellings, broken links, spyware, and malware. This means that there is a very fine line between SEO success and failure.

Comparison sites such as Yahoo! SEO allows users to enter in a set of structured data for the purpose of comparison. The Yoast SEO plugin has an XML format that allows it to be easily compared to other SEO software. However, this comparison feature is not as complete as it should be. The Yoast SEO website sometimes provides incomplete or incorrect information.

The biggest disadvantage of the Yoast SEO setup is that the whole point behind using these powerful plugins is to help you optimize your site for the search engines. And because they are plug-ins, the import and Export functionality can be quite limited. The limitations in the importing data actually depend on the type of plug-in that is being used. Some plug-ins will allow you to import an unlimited number of XML sitemaps while others will only allow you to import a limited amount of XML sitemaps. Most of the free plugins either don’t support exporting anything at all or only allow exporting in specific formats.

If you need to do some serious optimization of your site then there are two solutions that you can use – importing an existing sitemap or creating your own customized XML sitemap. The problem with importing a sitemap is that it’s often difficult if not impossible to match keyword relevancy to the structure of your site. For example, if you’re trying to optimize a website for the phrase “motor parts” then it makes sense to optimize for “motor parts” as a domain name and “parts” as the exact keyword. However, when you try to match keyword relevancy to “motor parts” using an existing sitemap you run into problems. It’s best to stick to using customizations for the sake of your optimization strategy rather than breaking the rules by using an existing sitemap.

Another major disadvantage of the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress is that it can often leave your visitors in a state where they’re very confused. For example, many beginners in search engine optimization may have a hard time understanding what “headings” are for. This particular plugin makes it easy to add headings to your site, but you will have to explain what those headings mean. This can often lead beginners in search engine marketing to make decisions based on other factors than what they’re really important.

That brings me to the final disadvantage of the Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress. The two plugins cost around forty dollars each, which isn’t cheap. That’s a lot of money to spend on a single piece of software. Some people might argue that search engine marketing is an area of expertise and requires a large investment, but when you consider the amount of money that you can lose over a few months by making some simple mistakes with your site the investment is definitely not worthwhile. This is the final reason that I cannot recommend the Yoast SEO plugin for beginners.

Hopefully this article has given you enough information to see that there are a lot of problems with the Yoast SEO WordPress plugin. While it does have some nice features, it still doesn’t live up to the full potential that it could if it had some more advanced features. If you are someone who wants to have some control over how your site looks and functions, then you are probably better off looking for a different WordPress plugin for your needs. There are quite a few plugins out there that will allow you to optimize your site for the search engines without the limitations of the Yoast SEO plugin. Make sure that you do your research before you decide which plugin you want to use for your SEO needs.


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