Dandruff: A Major Scalp Problem

Dandruff: A Major Scalp Problem

Dandruff is something that irritates the scalp most of the time, it is annoying and at times even embarrassing. It is common problem faced usually by adults and the even surprising fact is that more than half of the global population wants to get rid of this scalp issue. Many factors cause dandruff and itchy scalp, you can get rid of dandruff through both home remedies as well as medication. The dandruff condition becomes even worse during the winters when the air is dry. Not only dandruff, but your scalp might also be suffering from several other fungal infections, for which you can use a well-suited shampoo. Different countries might have different shampoos depending on the type of medications there, say the best antifungal shampoo in India may be different from the one in the UK. However, the purpose of both is to cure and get rid of fungus from the scalp. Here, we shall discuss the major causes of dandruff.


DRY SKIN: It is one of the major causes of dandruff. In case, dry skin is the root cause of your dandruff, this might tend to get worse during the cold months as the skin becomes mostly dry at that time of the year. Similarly, even the scalp becomes dry, which worsens the itchiness on your scalp. The best way to get rid of such dandruff is to replenish the scalp with moisture. There are many shampoos available in the market, that moisturize your dry scalp. These can be quite helpful for you to get rid of dandruff from your head.

LESS USE OF SHAMPOOS: Not shampooing your hair enough is quite unhygienic and at the same time, it can also be one of the causes of dandruff on your scalp. In the absence of shampooing of hair, the oil accumulates on the scalp and builds up flakes of dandruff that cause itchiness. This can even occur in case your shampooing technique is not correct or your shampoo is not strong enough to clear the scalp. In case you are suffering from dandruff due to this, you should start washing your hair with shampoo more often.

ALLERGY: You can be allergic to different things, and at times you may not be aware of a particular thing to which you are allergic. You may be allergic to different products that you use on your skin or scalp. In case, you feel irritation or soreness after using a particular product, you must immediately stop using it and replace it with some other product.

YEAST OVERGROWTH: Malassezia is a fungus that lives on everybody’s scalp, but some people are very sensitive and in their case, this fungus can lead to dandruff. In such a situation, you need to consult a dermatologist and also follow a healthy hair care routine.

So, here we have discussed some of the causes of dandruff, although there are many others. However, whatever the cause is, the ultimate motive is to get rid of it. On your part, you can use different shampoos depending upon your hair type such as antidandruff shampoo for oily hair, dry hair, frizzy hair, etc., and get a clean and healthy scalp

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