Getting the Right News Stories

Getting the Right News Stories

Everyone has heard or read news every day. News is everywhere, it appears daily in the newspapers and on the radio and television. Why do we need news? Well, the answer is simple news brings in more profit than bad news. In other words, if your business is not doing well and the economy is contracting, you will not make money if you keep churning out bad news.

According to Oxford Dictionary, News or reports of recent affairs. A news report or a television or radio program usually consisting of purely topical reports on current affairs. A news story as in a magazine or on a news program. Education, arts, sports, politics, business and health are included under news stories. An interesting fact is that there are no more print magazines or newspapers anymore, they have all been almost completely replaced by television programs.

As we can see from the above list news is an important part of our everyday life. It helps us make decisions, find out about different situations, helps us express our views, provides information on health and medicine, and many other aspects. So what may affect the health of a person directly and indirectly and how can we make news in the best way possible?

For many people making news is a pleasure, for some people news is a chore. Some listeners would rather hear nothing but breaking news while some would be happy if it kept them informed about the current events happening around the world. To make news interesting for many people, it should not only be serious but should also be humorous and informative at the same time. The news should not only be about local, national and international news but also should cater to the interests of the target audience.

The way in which news is delivered and managed has a profound effect on the listeners. News may affect a listener emotionally either positively or negatively and therefore news reports need to be managed accordingly. News may affect listeners negatively when it carries a tone of threats, jealousy, humiliation, anger or when it is propagated with a view to dominate the listeners. News that is not managed or delivered in a respectful manner will not only affect the listeners, it may also affect the media company in question. Media companies depend on listeners to keep the business going and so if they are not able to maintain the loyalty of their listeners, the business is bound to go down.

News that is unusual and seems to be breaking everywhere is something that appeals to many listeners, but not all of them are willing to accept the same news value. News that is breaking in different societies and continents is something that is attracting listeners across the board. Breaking news on other topics apart from the usual news is also something that attracts listeners and that is the real challenge, because we have to find a way to make news interesting for everyone. People have different interests and therefore news that attracts different interests tends to appeal to more people than news that is shared by a large section of the population.

People are interested in things that are unusual. The more unusual a thing is, the more news you will get. If some one from a completely different society shares news that is quite unheard of in their own country, you will get a lot of curious listeners, who want to know what is going on. You will get more unusual news stories, if they are not published widely. Therefore, you must take care to avoid news that is published widely, if you want to avoid getting unique news values.

There are people in different societies and cultures. Different cultures have different values regarding beauty, marriage, beauty etc. Therefore, you will get different news stories in different cultures. For example, a news story that reveals that a girl is getting married will get a lot of attention in India, but will cause controversy in Pakistan. It’s all about the right news stories and how you distribute them.

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