How Difficult is the LRDI Section in CAT?

How Difficult is the LRDI Section in CAT?

The majority of entrance exams for management contain sections on Logical Reasoning (LR) and Data Interpretation (DI) section. It is believed to be one of the most difficult sections of these tests. the CAT is among the most popular tests for students in India in the field of MBA education.

The test assigns around 1/3 of the mark to this portion. This section assesses students by their ability to make decisions as well as their data interpretation skills and speed at which they solve problems. There are no committees who conduct these exams. have a set course for the section.

It is essential to ensure that students comprehend the section and practice to develop their LDRI capabilities. Candidates must be aware and educated about various questions templates for the CAT.

With the increase in competition, and consequently the more difficult exam the difference in LD and RI issues has become more difficult. Exam preparation is becoming more difficult.

Problem that are commonly encountered by students

  • As one of the most volatile sections, LRDI is the one section that requires students to work on various kinds and varieties of issues. The majority of problem sets be unable to take into consideration the diversity of the problem, which is why the problems students practice with are either simple or challenging. It is not enough to equip candidates with the correct mindset for dealing with these sections. To fully comprehend and implement the proper thinking patterns to the LRDI set of questions, candidates should be sure to include a broad selection of practice questions.
  • Another issue that is frequently encountered by students is the choice of the appropriate sets. Contrary from that of the Quant sections, questions that are in the LRDI sections are presented in sets. Therefore picking the incorrect set could result in four questions you may not be confident with. This is why it is important to select the right set based on their areas of proficiency and understanding.

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Strategies to increase LRDI performance

  • In order to solve the section, candidates need to take at least 10 minutes to go through the entire set and then look over and understand the achievable sets. Candidates must concentrate on the information provided along with the sub-questions that are equally important. Furthermore, the sets must be prioritized based on your ease and comfort in managing.
  • The LRDI section can be quite challenging and uncertain. You may not be able to answer certain problems. There’s no reason to be worried in these situations because solving every issue accurately is almost impossible. In such situations, you must demonstrate good judgment by identifying these issues in the earliest possible time and then moving to the next challenge. Take about 4-5 minutes to determine if a problem can be handled or not. When you have evaluated it, don’t be apathetic, instead proceed to the next great thing!
  • It is important to note that in CAT it doesn’t matter if you are able to solve a set, as there is no weighted marking that is based on difficulty. This should be leveraged by students. Choose the easiest sets within the section, and then solve 14-16 questions correctly and this is an ideal scenario. Candidates can choose four sets and complete almost all questions. Or, they will be able to solve two questions from the eight sets.
  • Rounding and approximation are typically employed to boost the problem-solving speed of the section of LRDI. However, one should be cautious about using an approximation for problems where there are options that are too similar. In these situations, it is possible that approximation will only add confusion and lead you to overly focus focused on one issue.

In the end, having a clear mind and plenty of practice using a diverse variety of sets of practice can help applicants develop the proper attitude to pass the section. We hope these strategies will help candidates overcome their anxiety about this section in a way and aid them in improving their scores.

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