How to Make Money With Blogging in 2021

How to Make Money With Blogging in 2021

Blogging is the best career nowadays because large numbers of people make it a job and now all companies hire their own expert blogging terms for their company’s betterment. You can also make blogging a career because blogging is the way in which you can share your feeling with the whole world. If you are planning to do blogging then it is a very great idea but you have to focus on your category. Category means choosing the perfect niche because the niche is the main reason for an unsuccessful blog. So select is the best niche for your blog according to your needs. So select some of the best niches in which you are perfect. There are two types of blogging is personal blogging in this you have to do blogging o every topic and the main motive is money but the second is favorite blogging in this you will write a blog only on one topic like food, clothing, lifestyle, etc. so in this blog, we will discuss that how to make money with blogging.

So some steps are below from which you can make money are :

  •  By Providing your service 

In this, you can give your writing blog service. If you have the hobby of writing blogs then you can do the job as a freelance writer. Many big companies hire bloggers for their writing blogs. So this is also the best job for those people who love to write a blog. 

  • Information on-sell product 

This is the second famous way to earn money. In this, you will give the information related to the product or you can use all the methods of marketing like email marketing, content marketing, SEO or etc. in this you have to give the proper information related the product like launched time in the market, price, specification and etc. all thing should be in the correct form. By doing this the viewers will come to your blog to get information and this causes heavy traffic and income source and on another side the company whose product you are reviewing also give you a good amount for their better sale of the product.   

  • Affiliate marketing 

This is also one type of marketing activity. In this, we will promote the seller’s product or service to the consumers and some amount of percent we received out of each sale or we can say we work as mediator between seller or consumers and get some commission for that deal. 

  • Native Advertisement 

In this, we will promote the product and service from our native area. We will promote the sale of sellers by using all marketing platforms, like content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, etc. 

  • Online Courses 

This is a great idea this you can choose the one online courses and make a proper PPT or PDF and start sale on online. For this, you have to select the best course according to the demand of society and you have to focus on the subject also that you are well known for it or because if you don’t have the proper knowledge of courses which you are selling. So you are not able to give brief details about your product.    


These are the 5 methods. Which are the best ways to make money from blogging. So you can use these all methods to earn money by carrying on your blogging career. So you can use these 

All service for great source of money 

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