How to Take a Perfect Selfie with Pova 2?

How to Take a Perfect Selfie with Pova 2?

Have you ever wished to capture a perfect picture on your smartphone? Look no further with the upcoming smartphones in India. Pova 2 is Tecno’s new mobile phone. With the special focus on the front camera, Pova 2 is specifically designed for those who love to click amazing selfies through their lens. Tecno aims to bring the best camera phone in India to all audiences. 

Pova 2


Pova 2 is designed to help the selfie-lovers take perfect, mesmerizing selfies. The 8 megapixels Dual-LED flash front camera supports the best features that can help you become the smartphone selfie expert.  

Tips to Take a Perfect Selfie with Pova 2

You may have a smartphone that can help you click amazing selfies in a light, but do you know the tricks that can help you click great selfies? If not, don’t worry; we have mentioned a few tips below that will help you to click perfect pictures:

Appropriate Angle

The most important aspect of clicking a perfect selfie is the angle. For an optimal result, always click a selfie from above as it always gives you a good result. Whereas taking a selfie from below will make the less prominent features of your face stand out. With a camera below your face, you will most probably end up with a double chin picture. Luckily, Pova 2 will help you find faults in your selfie on its 6.95-inch ultra-large screen.

Stand in the Light

Proper lighting is very important for clicking a perfect picture or a selfie. Before taking a picture, you must check for a good source of light. The light should always be in front as it can help highlight important details of your face that can help to make your selfie look amazing. But worry not if you are not in a well-lit room because Pova 2 is there to solve all your issues! It’s a dual selfie camera smartphone that is specially designed for enhancing selfies in soft light. Thus, it is known as the best camera phone in India.

Good Poses and Facial Expressions

It’s time to focus on you now. Here are some of the tips that can help you get a perfect selfie:

  • Squint in selfies for a better picture. Don’t squint too much because it might give you wrinkles.
  • Pick a selfie face, practice in the mirror and balance out smirk and squint.
  • Nothing conveys a more genuine expression than a smile. So, focus on your smile.
  • For a good selfie, avoid wearing sunglasses or hats as it hides your eyes and face.

Video Selfie

With reels becoming a new trend, video selfie is gaining a lot of popularity. Recording a video on a front camera has become very common. Learning how to take a video selfie can help you record video from a new perspective.

Pova 2 Camera Features that you can’t Resist

Apart from 8 megapixels front camera, this smartphone has a 48 megapixels glassy and sparkling quad rear camera that focuses on increasing the sensitivity of less noise and clearer images. Moreover, with the super AI mode and night mode, you can click clearer pictures. Moreover, with Pova 2, you can create your own impressive and professional video.

Equipped with impressive features and decent specifications, the Tecno Pova 2 is a perfect smartphone that is available . Pova 2  phone offers a slip-free grip as it is light in weight and is easy to carry.

If you are willing to buy the best budget camera 2021 smartphone, Pova 2 is specially designed for you. The selfie camera is built to take the perfect selfie anytime, anywhere. So buy Tecno Pova 2 now and click the best selfies that can suit all your moods!

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