Making Sure That Your Business Prom Night Is A Success

Making Sure That Your Business Prom Night Is A Success


A front-page news story announcing a string of bank foreclosures triggered a chain reaction that began with the car and then rapidly moved into the news headlines and reporting. The car, it turned out, was a virtual car wreck simulator. What was happening was that the news had reported that a car driven by an irresponsible driver had hit a series of billboards in Florida. Then, the car had ended up in the garage of a Bank holding company.

There was only one problem. The actual news story had reported that the bank had retained the services of a law firm to represent it in the situation. Business news reporters quickly realized that the bank was in for financial trouble and that it would be taking a huge loss if it attempted to sell its assets. Subplots appeared everywhere. A top business advisor suggested that the company consider selling the company. A senior vice president dismissed the idea.

The question is: Is all this in-depth and important enough to warrant the investment of precious media time? Are the health and financial news stories that dominate business news worthy of full-blown reporting? Is the information important enough to warrant the extensive reporting? The answer is: probably not!

It’s a shame, because it sometimes seems as if journalists are more concerned with a specific, narrow segment of society than with the general public. Take healthcare coverage. Do you find yourself reading about celebrities and their personal health problems, or do you assume that the public has the same concerns? Would you read about drug abuse if you were an addict? I suspect that most people would neither.

If you are going to create news stories, the first step should always be to develop a general story idea. There are many places where you can get started, but it’s important to start with something personal. If you’re going to create a piece about something that you personally care about, you will feel much more confident. It will be easier for your audiences to relate to. It’s also much easier for you to become passionate about the subject matter as well.

The next step in creating news stories that grab people’s attention is to have a good story. It can be that you are very passionate about a topic, so you want to make sure that your reporter has the same level of passion. If you know the business owner well, you may be able to negotiate a dual interview. You could ask the reporter to talk about the business, and then you could ask them a follow-up question about their personal lives, in which case they would have two interviews to perform.

To ensure that a business story or personal story relates to real life, it’s important to find a newsroom that specializes in the type of content that you’re interested in publishing. For instance, if you’re interested in writing about education, you would want a news story about education reporting. By specializing the media in-depth, you can guarantee that your audience gets real human interest. The reporter understands what is important to you, and they can deliver it.

Finally, you will need to promote your story idea to ensure that people take notice. You can do this by using social media. Promoting your news stories is a good way to spread the news, and it’s worth doing on a consistent basis. If you write an interesting piece that really speaks to people, you will get more coverage, and your business prom night will be well worth the investment.


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