Most Popular Driver Jobs in 2021

Most Popular Driver Jobs in 2021

The transportation industry is a huge world that provides plenty of jobs for drivers. From truck drivers to couriers, you can find a wide variety of driving jobs. Several of these jobs require a basic driver’s license, while others would necessitate a commercial driver’s license or special endorsement. 

If you’re currently looking for the best driver job, here are the top popular driving jobs that put you behind the wheel. 

1. Crude Oil Driver 

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A crude oil driver is responsible for transporting oil payloads over short or long distances. Driving is the major portion of this job, but the driver should also be able to keep accurate logs, examine crude oil for quality assurance, keep the vehicle in compliance with D.O.T standards, and must be able to drive in accordance with laws and regulations of different states. 

Having a high school diploma or equivalent is preferred and it’s required to have a CDL license. 

2. Tanker Driver

These kinds of drivers are in charge of filling, carrying, and delivering (usually risky) liquid and gas materials. They are expected to be remarkable drivers, knowledgeable at safely manoeuvring huge tanks, and fully aware of road regulations. Tanker drivers must at least have a high school diploma and should get a commercial driver’s license and usually require a hazardous materials endorsement. 

3. Local Truck Driver 

Local truck drivers are the ones who provide deliveries within a fixed geographical area. Their jobs necessitate driving to numerous locations, cargo loading and unloading, and keeping track of inventory and mileage. There are a few local truck driver jobs that may be obligated to get a commercial driver’s license depending on the size and weight of the truck and cargo. The job prefers to have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. 

4. School Bus Driver 

Do you prefer to drive a bus but you still like to have a significant amount of time off? Then a school bus driver might be the perfect job for you. With this type of job, you’ll only work when school is in session, and usually part-time. 

Plus, you should be great with kids to have this job because it requires a lot of patience to work as a school bus driver. If you do love kids, then this would be easier for you since they will surely test your patience. A few drivers also don’t like the broken-up schedule that consumes up their days; you’ll normally work early mornings and then, after some hours off, work several hours in the afternoon. 


5. Pet Taxi Driver long-coated brown dog staring on vehicle window

 There are a few people who need to get their pets to the vet and they don’t have a car. Or even if they own a car, their work may get in the way. For instance, in New York, a company like Pet Taxi New York can charge $90to $190 for a cat or dog’s full circle journey to the vet. 

Take note that the rates may be lower in other cities. However, if you love to drive and you’re an animal lover, you can make a decent living with a pet taxi service. 

6. CDL Truck Driver 

A CDL truck driver is a professional with a commercial driver’s license (CDL), allowing them to pull heavy on large commercial vehicles. The CDL is divided into classes and is sorted by the weight of the truck and load. You can get the license through the DMV or with sufficient training from a trucking school. CDL truck drivers should be able to comfortably and safely manoeuvre the big trucks for long periods of time. 

7. Dump Truck Driver 

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This professional driver is responsible for operating dump trucks on and at interval job sites. The driver is also in charge of the removal and delivery of materials, normally associated with the construction or demolition of roads, buildings, and many more. 

It’s a requirement for the job to have a CDL or Commercial Driver’s License, usually acquired by passing a written exam and a hands-on driving test as well. 

8. Pizza Delivery Driver

This is definitely one of those satisfying driver jobs where the official statistics most likely play down the real income as employees can underreport their tips. Pizza delivery driver jobs in Sydney can earn AU$17.24, which is an entry-level (includes bonus, tips, and overtime pay). 

If you want to boost your rate per hour, consider making this a second job and delivering only during weekend evenings. 

9. Tow Truck Driver 

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Tow truck drivers perform towing and transportation services. Their usual day consists of talking with a dispatcher, running heavy machinery, towing and transporting vehicles under different conditions, and working in a tow yard. The job requires a driver’s license and a high school diploma or the like is preferred. 

Your earnings rely somewhat on whether you own the business or you’re one of the employees. Your income in the former case would not only depend on your driving ability, but also on how well you market your services. 

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