Say it with love – Say it with Astrology

Say it with love – Say it with Astrology

Love is blind! We often hear this notation whenever we see two completely different personalities getting hitched together. In love relations, all social norms regarding traditions and customs take the back seat in most of the cases. 

In India, marriages are generally fixed by the parents after analyzing various traditional factors. Kundli Milan is the primary criterion they feel a relation should adhere to, in order to succeed a prosperous married life.

However, in Love marriages, the partners generally know each other since long time and thereby know about the nature and personality traits of each other in advance. 

In kundli Milan or online kundli matching process, the astrologers check the compatibility of a couple based on Vedic score system called ashtkoota milaan

Under this system total 36 points are allotted and the one with maximum score or at least more than 18 is considered good to say yes to marriage. 

Nowadays, traditional methods of fixing marriages based on compatibility of their birth charts are often neglected by modern youth. They feel inferior about them and believe that they have somewhere become obsolete in nature. No wonder we notice divorce and separation cases every now and then!

Relevance of kundli Milan:

Elderly people know about the importance of kundli Milan and the effectiveness of this ancient system in fixing successful and happy marriages. But our young generation mostly is unaware of the importance of janam kundli milan

While performing free kundli matching, only few simple steps are required:

  • Choose any online astrology software
  • Provide basic birth details of both the partners like date, time and location of the birth of both the partners
  • Press auto check button to get free online kundli matching.

One may go through the below mentioned points to check about the logic behind kundli matching for a successful marriage:

  • Ashtkoota Milan is based on a system where prime focus has been laid down on the position of Moon in our birth chart. In astrology, moon is a prime karaka of our mind or mann. It shows the mental attributes of a person. If you have an afflicted moon then chances are you remain pessimistic, negative and depressed most of the time.   
  • No one wishes to live with a person who can’t enjoy life due to depression or other negative qualities. If in extreme affliction, it may give criminal inclinations as well.
  • Next, the moon’s nakshatra i.e. the nakshatra in which your natal moon is placed plays a very important role in crafting your personality. This moon nakshatra is checked to know about the basic nature of the person.
  • In astrology, whole world has been segregated into three categories or ganas– Dev, Manushya and raakshasa. Suiting to their names they carry the attributes as per their respective ganas. It is important that gana Milan is observed properly as to ensure compatibility in their mental thoughts and habits. You can imagine the situation of the house where dev and rakshas are living together! 
  • Similarly, sex compatibility is another basic pillar of a happy marriage. You can’t imagine a spiritual and an overtly materialistic souls living together.
  • In kundli matching, progeny and the happiness there from is also checked as kids are what we all desire for.

Relevance of kundli Milan in a Love Marriage:

In love marriage, partners meet and decide not to get separated on any grounds. Love makes you close your eyes against odds even if you are aware of them. But many times we see, love is a feeling that blossoms at its best initially. But with passage of time if both the partners don’t understand or value emotions of each other, the relations tend to shake. 

We think you may now understand the cause behind this lack of understanding among them. The answer is quite simple- difference in their thought process.

  • Earlier, most of the females were dependant on their male counterpart for their financial needs but with dramatic surge in female employment and independence, they no longer feel the pressure to stay in an abusive or turbulent marriage. Thus chances for separation and divorce are increased.
  • Not just harmony in marital relations but kundli Milan is very important as when two people are living together as a couple after their marriage then their planets mutually affect each other. There are chances of promotion or demotion in work due to the stars of the person you sharing space with. Thus in order to ensure prosperous professional life, kundli Milan is important too. 
  • In love marriage where compatibility is not checked on astrological grounds, astrology still may help them to provide most effective remedies to solve any difficulties arising in their married life. If the couple is facing disharmony in relations then different donations, puja, gemstones and japa as suggested by marriage astrologers may help to save their breaking relations.
  • A birth chart analysis in astrology helps to know about personality traits of a person. When you know your partner and deep meaning of each astrological placement in his/her chart, then your sense of understanding increases automatically. You tend to become more receptive to the changes around you and also about mood swings if any. These all may be tackled effectively with the help of wisdom gained through an astrology consultation.  


Thus a love marriage or arranged marriage, astrology may help you to overcome any kind of difficulties in marital happiness. Sometimes even after living in a healthy marital relation for long years, sudden disruptions appear from nowhere and spoil the bliss of married life. In that case any bad dasha, bad yoga or inauspicious transit may cause afflictions which must be rectified timely with the best and most effective astrological remedies.

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