Top Tools Every Event Planner Should Have

Top Tools Every Event Planner Should Have

Planning an event can get chaotic because event planning is surely a stressful business. According to Career Cast, being an event coordinator is one of the most stressful jobs and it sits next to firefighters, airline pilots, police officers and many more. This job became more complicated when the pandemic hit the world in 2020 where so many event planners has to adjust most of their events that are usually done in-person to virtual ones. This is just of the reasons why working in events is never boring. 

Whether you arranging an event on the screen or out the door, it still requires committed multitasking and a remarkable level of organization. We’re sure that most of you are using some tools to help you stay on top of it all. If you’re new to event planning, we recommend that use event management tools. 

Using one tool is not enough. You may combine event planning tools in a way that would perfectly work for you. Whether you’re a wedding planner, corporate event planner, or event manager, here are some of the best tools you can use when organizing an event. 

What are event planning tools? 

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Event planning tools comprises project management tools, communication tools, event management tools, apps and browser extensions. These tools are commonly online platforms or software that specialise in helping you plan and arrange your online or offline event. There are specific event planning tools that are particularly suitable for online events and there are tools that are primarily made for online events. 

1. Monday 

This project management tool specializes in collaborative projects and is fit for events. Monday’s software utilizes a visual tracking system that is simple to follow. It creates simplified status updates, it’s very easy to use and you can customize it. Monday is particularly recommended for event managers since it helps keep track of everything from grouping your sponsors to managing your team’s one by one assigned tasks as you proceed through your to-dos. 

2. Trello 

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This free app is well-fitting for planning events. For instance, you can add cards to a shared board, including “Vendors,” then simply tug and drop cards like “Caterer” or “Florist” to various categories (signed contract, in negotiation, or sourcing). The app helps everyone see what they need to accomplish, track progress, and record what’s been completed. Trello offers a free plan for individuals and a per-user fee for pro teams and features. 

3. Slack 

Since most of us are working remotely, this tool can help you find emails that are buried in your inbox. In Slack, you can organize team conversations in channels by project or a specific event, topic, or team, which provides everyone with a clear view of what’s happening. This tool is not only used for messaging. Images, files, PDFs, documents, and spreadsheets can be sent to the chatbox right away and can be shared with anyone. It also allows you to search through your archive to look for items with no difficulty. 

4. Eventbrite

Haven’t heard of Eventbrite? Well, if you’re still using spreadsheets to organize your attendee lists or trying to oversee manual payments, then it’s time to turn to Eventbrite. This tool can create a registration, ticketing, and event promotion like a piece of cake for you to also focus on handling and perfecting our event experience. Eventbrite also provides a relevant and browsable blog filled with tips and event planning guides that will surely replace your library of event management and planning books. 

5. Stay Focussed 

Are you prone to get distracted when working? Then this will your lifesaver! Although this may not be an event planning tool, consider it as a time-saving event planner tool instead. Stay Focussed will help increase your productivity levels by restricting the amount of time spent on distracting websites. 

This amazing tool works by allocating a specific amount of time to a specific time-wasting website like Facebook. When the time is up, it will automatically block that URL for the rest of the day, giving you the opportunity to finish what you’ve started. 

6. GoTo Webinar 

This is definitely your ultimate pre-event planning tool! GoTo Webinar is an excellent planner tool that helps you create pre-event buzz and broadcast about your event. Just be aware that webinars can be a bit time consuming and resource-concentrated, something that can turn sparse in the lead up until your event.  

7. Google Drive

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You may ask why Google Drive is considered an event planning tool. However, Google Drive is actually one of the top leading event planner tools for so many years now, and you can particularly use it for planning and managing events. With Google Drive, you can keep your plans in one place, plus, it’s free! 

Above all, it has the equivalent of Excel, PowerPoint, Word all in one cloud application. It’s the central source that comes with a huge amount of free storage and it can be accessed by almost anyone which allows the whole team to collaborate on documents, 

Its version control is remarkable which is a time-saver, you don’t need saving and resending to colleagues, and it avoids the risk of a colleague working on the wrong version. 

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