Understanding the Web Development Process

Understanding the Web Development Process


Android application development and web design are very much different from each other. Being the huge users of web applications and android app, people can already say that both apps are very specialized. The tools and frameworks for android app and web development are really quite different as well. You should definitely be familiar with both apps before deciding about the profession. Both have their own pros and cons, but the main focus of these apps will be totally different. So, if you really want to take up a challenging career then these two fields will surely fulfill your requirement.

Android web application and web design Apps are mainly of two types: Client-side and server-side. The difference between these two is the technology used to develop them. Client-side software is developed using Java and/or JavaScript. Server-side software is developed using PHP and/or Ruby on rails.

Both web hosting and development require experience and skills. Web hosting requires expertise in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, PHP, etc., whereas development requires expert skills in various programming languages such as HTML, CSS, Java, etc. If you think you do not have enough programming skills then definitely you should consider getting an app development job. You will be able to learn and grow your skill with regular practice.

Software Engineering Mobile application or web apps technology deals with designing, developing and maintaining mobile apps. This type of engineering deals with user interface and navigation components. It is usually related to smart phone platforms such as Android, IOS, BlackBerry, etc. The software engineer designs the user interface using various web technologies. This includes HTML, CSS, Android XML, Java, etc.

On the other hand, web design deals with the overall look and feel of a web application. In this case, the programming work is not involved at all. The web application development team takes care of programming while designing a website. Web designing is more of a fun hobby than a serious profession these days.

Although web application development process might seem very simple it actually involves a lot of complexities. As opposed to the client-side software development process which is relatively easy, the web application development process is quite challenging and time-consuming. One of the main reasons why companies want to use this method is because they save a lot of money. Since most companies want to make sure their web applications are error free, they hire this mode of development.

On the other hand, the client-side programming language is imperative for web app development. In case of non-browsing applications, this particular language makes the whole process really fast. Most web developers prefer this type of development because they can directly manipulate the HTML coding. In case of websites that need to have flash effects and animations, client-side programming language proves to be advantageous. In addition to this, web developers also like to use CSS instead of HTML code in these cases.

When it comes to web development process, CSS coding is considered to be pretty easy. It is used to style various elements like fonts, background color, image size and position and many other things. Developers just have to apply the right kind of formatting depending upon the nature of the web applications. While this can appear to be a very simple task, it actually involves quite a number of complexities.

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