What Are The Latest Mobile Phones?

What Are The Latest Mobile Phones?

Ever since the first run of “The New Mobile Phone” adverts (which was responsible for the whole mobile phone revolution), we have been bombarded with many advertisements for mobile phone manufacturers. The latest one, however, is aimed at a more unique audience – the one that does not use their mobile phone for the purpose of calling others. This new mobile device offers the user a mobile phone and a miniature TV. This is the “Furniture” part of the mobile. As opposed to using the LCD screen found in modern smart phones, the mobile uses an LED backlight which gives better contrast, better viewing, and is cooler to the eyes. It is also capable of giving the user a much clearer picture quality than the average Smart Phone.


Sony has today released its latest version of the Walk man series of phones, one of the best selling ones in the market. This one also boasts a camera built into it. Today, the Walk man series is available in four different variants. One, a model with a 1.6 Mega pixels camera, Sony provides an additional twenty-eight megapixel camera along with it.

As one might expect, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc was launched as one of the latest phones to come out from this company’s stable of devices. In fact, it is probably the only smartphone that can take up as much space as a laptop, thanks to its small size. This is one of the reasons why it is ideal for people who are constantly travelling and who need something slim and light to carry. When it comes to features, this smartphone has a great number. It comes with the standard array of hardware and software features that you find on other smartphones. There is however something unique about the Arc, which makes it one of the best tech giant’s new smartphone offerings.

One feature that separates this smartphone from others is its “floating keyboard”. With the help of this handy function, users can easily move the keyboard from the screen to wherever they want to use it. This was first seen on the LG Optimus Vu 2, which was one of the first smartphone to introduce such a function. It helps you take out your calendar, address book and other tasks you need to carry out from there. If you have ever used a keyboard outside your mobile phone, you will appreciate just how convenient this feature is. Users also confirmed that they are able to navigate through text messages and emails with ease using this feature.

Sony Mobile Australia also revealed some new details about its new smartphone, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc. Apart from the stylish and compact body design, this smartphone also features a powerful processor and a powerful media player. To make things easier for customers, the company has launched the service in a couple of countries, namely, US, UK, Canada, Sweden, Finland and Australia. The smartphone has been made available at a reasonable contract rate and the launch is being done as per a normal schedule, so that customers are not forced to rush out to buy the device.

Apart from the big names, Nokia, Samsung, HTC and LG, another mobile manufacturer is also confirmed to introduce new smartphones in the next few months. LG mobile network has already confirmed that it will launch two models of the LG Optimus, namely, the Optimus G Pro and the Optimus Laptops. Both these devices sport the Android ecosystem, which is currently the most popular mobile operating system. The companies also plan to launch smartphones based on Windows mobile platform in the near future.

Sony Mobile has also announced that it will launch two handsets – the Xperia S and the Xperia arc. Both these handsets are based on the Windows Phone 8 platform, which has received a great response from users. Apart from this, the company has announced that it will launch the Go handset in mid of the month along with the Vodafone Orange offer. In the earlier part of the year, it was speculated that the company would launch one more handset each month. However, it has been confirmed that the company will launch the LG Optimus on 6 September followed by the Vodafone orange on 7 September.

Microsoft has recently launched its latest smartphone – the Surface. The phone offers features similar to that of an iPhone and an Android smartphone. Apart from this, the phone runs Windows CE and has been designed keeping in mind the needs of a business user. The user can access the internet, use Office applications and enjoy using the built-in camera and video making features.

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