What are the Must-Follow Rules for Assignment Writing? Suggestions in 2021

What are the Must-Follow Rules for Assignment Writing? Suggestions in 2021

Academic life comes with so many challenges and one of these challenges is assignment writing. Creating a productive assignment involves more than setting a word count or choosing a due date. Academic assignments are related to course curriculum and they boost students’ learning process. 

You have to follow some rules for assignment writing and today we will go through all the rules.

Importance of good Assignment Writing

Writing has a central role in academic life. Teachers share information and then give assignments to train the students. It’s like a tool to measure the skills and knowledge of a student. 

When students write about any topic, they will surely go through a good research process. This research process helps them to prepare themselves for exams as well.  In most cases, it is very difficult for the student to explain their knowledge. By writing assignments, they learn to enhance their knowledge and polish it for better results.

Assignment writing helps the students to learn about different writing techniques and formats. They learn to explain their ideas in the best way.

Utilize all Available Sources of Information

Beyond all the instruction and available lectures, you have to consider all other sources as well. Most of the students do not prefer other sources like articles written on related topics. They just use lecture content and read their course books for gathering information.

Always check all resources like lecture recordings, articles, sample assignments, and discussions.

Never Copy content from the Internet

As it is the era of technology. You can find solutions for all your academic papers on the internet. But if you will write the content as it was on articles then it will be labeled as copied. You may get 0 marks for your assignment because it does not have your efforts. 

Copying is very easy and here I’m telling you not to use content available online. Use it but Rewrite it in your words. Understand the concept and write on your own. Change the theme and writing style as well.

You can use a referencing style as well. Now many students are not aware of referencing style that is why they just copy the content and paste it into the file.

Plan before you Write

If you want to construct a house then you wouldn’t start randomly by just laying bricks. Complete planning is required for this. Similarly, when you are going to write an assignment, first you have to plan things. 

You have to plan its format, theme, writing styles, research process, and final product.

Wide research is required for this purpose. Research helps you to prepare an outline of your assignment. 

Planning not just helps you in terms of grades but also saves a lot of time. Imagine starting writing randomly with no ideas in mind. You will be stuck at a point. And finding a solution for that will take so much of your precious time. Planning your assignment structure is the most important.

Write clear and Grammar correct Content

An assignment with grammar mistakes and readability problems will never give you good grades. Check your content for grammar mistakes at least 3 times. Proofread your content and check it for spelling mistakes also.

Write content that is clear and it does not have any problem regarding readability.

How to write clear content?

For making your assignment clear, divide it into different parts or sections. Properly define each section with headings. Keep your assignment on one page if possible.

State the main idea in the beginning. Do not use headings that are not related to your topic or somehow do not define your topic clearly. Always choose the right words. In academic writing, clarity is very important and the content should be precise.

Every Assignment must have 3 sections. And the sections are as follows.

1. Introduction

An introduction is very important in any conversation similarly you have to write a perfect introduction for your assignment. The main idea of your content must be stated in the first paragraph. 

By reading the introductory paragraph, readers will get to know about key points. Do not explain things in the first paragraph, just write key points.

2. Structure your argument

As you are writing the body of your assignment, make sure that each point you are writing in it has some solid evidence. Expand your key points one by one and explain them. Use heading. Prove your main points with logical expressions. 

3. Conclusion

The last part is the conclusion, you can say the last paragraph or ending paragraph of your assignment. Sum up all the key points in the end paragraph. Do not repeat similar words as you wrote in the introduction paragraph. 

Never start a new point or topic in the last paragraph. As it is clear it is the end of your assignment so including an all-new idea at the end is not a good idea. Just sum up the ideas you mentioned in the intro and body.

Try to use easy language

For academic writing, it is very important to use formal language, but at the same time try to pick up easy words. Avoid using slang in your assignment. 

If you are confused about any phrase then it is better to avoid it, or you can search for it online and if any authentic source uses it in the same manner then you also use it. Also, don’t use text speaks. Try to use an active voice in your assignment.

Save the draft and proofread before submitting

Once you complete writing your assignment, never submit it instantly. Always remember that you have to read your content at least three times and check it for all types of mistakes. Check your assignment for grammar mistakes, overused phrases, readability problems, and keypoints logic.

Read the content and figure out if you explained all the points mentioned in the intro. All your main ideas are properly stated or not. Double-check for spelling mistakes. Cut the content that is not relatable. 

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Submitting an Assignment with so many mistakes will waste all the hard work you put into the research, planning, and writing phase. So Always proofread the assignment before submitting it to your professor.

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