Writing News Stories

Writing News Stories

What is the importance of news? Is it important at all? News is important, especially when it’s about something that affects us as a population. For instance, did you hear about the plane crashing in Florida last week? Many people were glued to their TV sets, which is understandable since this was one of the most newsworthy events of the week.


News helps us make sense of the world. Sentence examples include the following: A man who jumped from the balcony to celebrate his promotion to president was reported missing. Another story reported that a newborn baby was “thrown out of a plane while being transported by rescuers.” In both examples, the importance of the news stories couldn’t be more clear.

Unfortunately, many people seem to make news out to be more about entertainment than education. For example, it was incredibly exciting to learn that boxing champion Antonio Banderas was voted the best heavyweight in the world by People magazine. And just a few days later, news broke that Antonio Banderas was hospitalized in a Chicago hospital due to an accidental overdose of pain-relief medication. While Banderas may have been a good candidate for the cover of People Magazine (which is run by the famous People magazine founder, Richard Gerspach), he likely would not have made the news due to his controversial past.

It seems that some people make news out to be more about entertainment than information. For example, a local news anchor spoke about a plan to expand the availability of charter flights after taking a briefcase with her to a bookstore, where she purchased several books on world travel. Apparently, the volume of books she purchased (and undoubtedly, her decision to do so) made news out to some readers who are unfamiliar with the world of global travel and business jet travel. While the segment did provide some interesting information, it may have also come across as somewhat self-indulgent to readers who aren’t already familiar with the ins and outs of world travel and business jet travel.

However, in this case, it was certainly an example of how making news out to be more about entertainment than information makes news. In fact, the newsworthiness of the piece really comes into question when news is more about entertainment than educating the public about important issues. After all, how beneficial is it to readers if readers are left with only a sliver of information about an important issue? Certainly, readers will appreciate if they receive a great amount of information in a short amount of time, but a news report that is only a page long may not do the trick. A sliver of information is hardly worth dedicating a page to.

For those who are interested in education and learning, as well as those who would like to be included in any conversation about world affairs, it makes sense to focus on newsworthy topics. Making a news article more newsworthy means making sure it focuses on the reader’s educational or learning needs. By focusing on the audience and their educational or learning needs, you’re able to ensure the news article will indeed be worth reading and will provide information readers will find relevant.

An inverted pyramid reflects two different points of view; a right hand side and a left hand side. The truth is that the inverted pyramid is primarily a symbol used to represent two opposing ends of an argument, thus the news article can represent two different points of view. For example, in the health care debate, the opposing sides are considered valid. Thus, it would be considered newsworthy. However, when the article discusses health insurance plans or health insurance companies, the writer is encouraged to include more information and provide additional arguments supporting his or her point of view.

News stories have many uses, but they are not news. News can be considered a form of entertainment, but entertainment does not necessarily mean news. In the same way that many people enjoy TV shows that discuss current events, many people also like reading news stories. Thus, if you’re interested in writing news stories, it is important to remember that what you write should not necessarily be considered as news.

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